1 Mod That Are Easy Mav





Introduction: 1 Mod That Are Easy Mav

About: IM ON YOUTUBE LOOK UP MAVREV13 and youll find me Im emo goth, mods nerf guns, listens to music and writes music, im into demonology and.some other cool stuff

here are 2 mods that u can do and should work.

Step 1: 1st Is My Maverick

he first is to un screw the maverick

Step 2: 2nd Step Take Cillinder Out

ke cillender and remover ars by unscrewing 3 screws in back of the yellow barrel

Step 3:

cut this part of ar

ex.      I--- the --- part of the ar

Step 4: Last Step

screw the howl gun back together and no dry fireing or u will brake it



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    14 Discussions

    hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry
    go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.

    i cant understand your instructions

    well tell that to over 99% of my school then get them to stop then ill stop also unlike most dudes/dudets i dont shorten every word in all my sentences also 99% of people that comment, comment when im almost asleep so sorry if my gramer isnt spit shined, also im not yelling if it seems like it im not.

    i only see one mod here (u said there were 2) and about that new slideshow u made, i coudlnt find it, wuts the name of it?

    I'm sorry that you couldn't answer any of my questions.
    Rating: .5, worthless.

    06:00 P.M i always practice nerf/mod till well about 08:30 if u dont know the time im useing it is 6:00 and 8:30 also at 09:01-09:03 i have to take my medician... I'm diebetic. so that is why i did not answer your ?s asab comment from 4:00 P.M. to 5:55 P.M. or after 9:10.

    Yes, i am new to modding but not new to the English language.

    My questions:
    1) What is "he first"
    2) What is a "ke cillender and remover ars"
    3)What is the "ar ex.      I--- the --- part of the ar"
    4) Where do I cut?
    5) After I cut the "ar ex" does soem portion of it go back in the gun?
    6) I'm assuming you mean 'whole' when you say 'howl,' correct?

    i would like to try this mod but other than unscrew and screw back together, you've lost me.

    1the first unsrew the gun
    2 take cillender
    3 yes
    4 just cut the ----- part of the air restrictor
    5 soem dont u mean some
    6 yes
    why im spelling words rong left and right my dumb pc has a typeing problem if i go too fast it misspells words if i go too slow same thing happens i know my pc is dunb. :(