~10-15kV Tazer / High Voltage Multiplier

Introduction: ~10-15kV Tazer / High Voltage Multiplier

Hello dear community,

Today I want to present you my high voltage multiplier(in an other version glued together with tape). It is very easy to build, and tune it, like you want it.

With this circuit you can generate about 10kV of voltage which makes a nice little arc :). It's also possible to use it as tazer. I tested it on my own skin, and i was not able to get my fingers/arm on it longer than a fraction of a second. I also tested it with an 8-people row ( hand in hand ), which was just funny and not terrifying.

But be carfully with this high voltage, because this can cause heart or muscle problems.

I am not liable, if something like this happens. It is on your own risk!

Okay, here we go :)

Step 1: The Circuit

So here you see the circuit i made.

The NE-555 circuit is the clock, which produces a frequency of about 100Hz with a duty cycle of round about 51 %. A duty cycle of exactly 50% could be made, if you put a diode between pin 6 and 7, and make R1 = R2. Then you just have to demonsion the C2. I don't want to explain the NE-555 more, but if you are interested in building oscillators and timers, and have some experience in logical elements, you can take a look here:


Okay, now we have our 100Hz square wave to control our MOSFET.

The MOSFET here is just use as a switch between the voltage supply (in my case 18V), the PCB Transformator and ground. So he just turns the circuit on and off. We use our PCB Transformator the wrong way around( sekundary coil = primary coil ; primary coil = sekundary coil), because we want to have high voltage peaks on the transformators primary coil. That is possible, because of the inner circuit of this transformator.

U = L * di / dt

Easily explained: we have a very high di (change of current; rectangle wave) and a relative small dt(change of time). Which means, that the voltage on the transformers primary coil (our sekundary) peaks up very high, in our case up to 1-1,5 kV.

But how do we get the 10-12kV on the end?

Now comes the voltage multiplier.We "collect" the energy with our capacities, and use it in combination with diodes, to multiplicate them. Just imagine the voltage peaks in front of Stage 1.

When the magnatic field in the transformator shuts down, the voltage is a short period of time inverted, so that we have not only a positive wave, but also a smaller negative wave. The positive wave loads up the C3, when the negative wave comes, it loads up the C4 together with the C3, so that we have the double voltage on C4. When you now add some more stages, the voltage will be multiplicated by

Uo = 2* Uin + Uin * n-Stages.

I did this with 5 stages and came of a voltage ammount of 10-12kV.

That is very dangerous, so please allwas short EVERY capacity, before you continue building!

It was very difficult to build the circuit up in LT-SPICE, because i couldnt find a good PCB Transformator as model. Thats why i just used two coupled inductances (an ideal Transformator).

I recommend you to build this first on an big breadboard, before you build it up compact.

Step 2: The Parts

You need following parts, to build this circuit. I ordered it in a german shop (links), but you can download the datasheets for free and order it in your own country.


For the ~100Hz clock:

  • NE555 Timer IC https://www.reichelt.de/ICs-NE-STV-/NE-555-DIP/3/i...
  • 220nF capacitor
  • 100nF capacitor( also 220nF possible)
  • 1K potentiometer (1/4 W)
  • 35k resistor (1/4 W)
  • 10k resistor (Pulldown resistor, 1/4 W)
  • N-Channel MOSFET e.g. IRFZ-44N
  • 9v battery
  • some 9v battery clips

For the voltage multiplier:

  • Breadboard

optional :

  • Some Tape
  • 2 nails

Step 3: The Result


  • final build
  • final breadboard build

(It is not very pretty, but it's handy and easy packed.)


  • Breadboardbuild with 2 stages
  • 2 arcs of the 5-Stage tazer

Thank you for reading my instrcutable. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave comment and follow :)

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