10 Cool Bike Accessories to Enhance Your Ride




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It is difficult to choose the right bike accessories to enhance your cycling experience. There are so many different, high-tech options in today’s market, and it is hard to distinguish which items are necessary, and which ones would simply be fun to have. While some items clearly add to a safer ride, such as helmets, mirrors, and special locks, others offer convenience, and many offer style. In this article, we will take you through ten of the coolest bike accessories that will undoubtedly add to your ride.


Your clothing, depending on the fit and material you choose, can make it significantly easier or harder for you to ride your bike. Well-fitting, flexible bike wear is widely available, both online and at retail stores. In addition to adding comfort, your clothing can also provide safety. If you choose to buy highly visible or reflective gear, you will be easily seen by vehicles in low light conditions, reducing the chance of you being hit by a car. Some bike shirts have pouches for food and items, and some are especially breathable. Many cyclists swear by cycling shoes, and others would rather go without them. The clothing you choose will inevitably be based on the amount of money you are willing to spend, and the type of cycling experience you are looking for.


It is also recommended that you invest in a good bike lock, especially if you have a quality bicycle with a high resale value. Bike locks are better and harder to crack if they are more expensive, so this may be an item that you want to splurge on. But because the pricier locks are so hard to break into, you also want to be certain that you do not forget your code or lose your key to the lock.


Though most bikes do not come with mirrors automatically, many cyclists find them useful. Adding a mirror to your bike will allow you to view the traffic that is coming from behind you, and avoid it appropriately. They are also easily adjustable, and can be attached to your bike handlebars or helmet.


Helmets, which protect your head in case of a collision, are the most essential part of any bike ride. Though helmets are not required by law and many people may opt not to use them at all, this is a very unsafe decision. Helmets nowadays are incredibly durable without being too bulky, and some of the most stylish cycling helmets are available online.

Water Bottle Holder

It is common for cyclists to want water when riding long distances, and the easiest way to transport a water bottle is to purchase a water bottle holder for your bike.


Though special clothing and other bike gears can increase your visibility, nothing is as effective as a light. Cyclists who ride extensively at night should use front and rear lights, or install additional reflectors. It is also important to regularly change the batteries of these lights.

Child Carriers

If you use your bike to commute and run errands, it may be useful to attach a child carrier or trailer to your bike, making it easy for you to pick up the kids from school or carry them with you on your rides.

Bike Pumps

Luckily, today’s bike pumps are easily transportable and user friendly. Newer pumps fit directly into the valve of your bike’s tires without requiring an extension tube, and can be compatible with both mountain and road biking tires.


Wheel covers are useful in protecting your bike from mud and water when riding in unfortunate weather or dirty conditions.

Repair Kits

Even if you are diligent about following some of the more must follow bike riding safety tips, accidents can still happen. It is smart to have a basic repair kit with you, particularly on long rides, which contain a puncture kit, a spare tube, tire levers, and a multi-tool for making adjustments to your bike. More advanced kits contain other things, but even the simplest kit could help you out of an unfortunate situation.

There are many cool accessories to choose from, but these ten are not only stylish and convenient, but can make for a safer ride.




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    3 years ago

    Your note on lights is missing something. A headlight that can be seen from 300ft (100 m), a red reflector that can be seen from 50ft on the back, side reflectors on both wheels that can be seen from 50ft, and a bell or horn that can be heard from 100ft are actually required on bicycles in most states. Regardless if you ride at night. In other words, the bike you bought is illegal to street ride.

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