10 Cool Lego Weapons

Introduction: 10 Cool Lego Weapons

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These are really cool Lego weapons. Enjoy! :)

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Step 1: The Knife

Make this simple knife using a Lego weapons handle and a Lego blade.

Step 2: The Flamethrower

Make this from a basic Lego gun attached to a weapons handle in the front, then simply add a flame piece at the end.

Step 3: The Waraxe

Get a Lego staff and attach to 2 blades on top of each other so they are at the same height.

Step 4: The Knife V2

Attach a curvy knife blade to a Lego weapons handle.

Step 5: The Double Axe Very Long

Attach 2 Lego bars to a Lego weapons handle. Then add axe blades to both sides like in the picture.

Step 6: The Taser Gun

Attach a Lego alien gun to a 1x1 round plate that is sea blue.

Step 7: The Super Long Sword

Attach a Lego weapons handle to a very long lego blade. You can find these in Lego ninjago sets.

Step 8: The Horn Staff

Attach a Lego bar to a Lego weapons handle with 3 tubes then attach 2 Lego horns facing up.

Step 9: The Tiki Torch

Attach a Lego bar to a Lego weapons handle, then put a Lego flame piece at the end.

Step 10: Double Axes

Attach a Lego bar to a Lego axe blade. Repeat if you want 2.

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