10 DIY Ornaments Your Christmas Tree Will Love

Introduction: 10 DIY Ornaments Your Christmas Tree Will Love

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The time to deck the halls, trim the trees and make merry has arrived once again. Another Christmas season has swiftly crept in on snowy, frosty, boot clad feet.

I began crafting at a very young age and owned a professional Christmas decorating business for many years so I have no shortage of DIY decor ideas for this season. I’m sharing with you this compilation of 10 easy to create ornaments to make your season as festive as can be.

Step 1: 2 Vintage Christmas Ornaments

If you’re into vintage, then these are the ornaments you’ll want to check out. I have 25 pounds of vintage snow glitter on hand for all my creations which call for this magical, wintery fairy dust.

Step 2: ​Holly Berry Vine Wreath Christmas Ornament

This holly berry vine wreath is another one of the ornaments you’ll find in my DIY Christmas decorating book, Ornaments To Make Your Christmas Sparkle.

Step 3: Colorful Pom Pom Christmas Ornament

The beauty of these fillable ornaments is that you can fill them with anything – flowers, berries, foliages, beads, glitter, candy … the possibilities go on and on. I decided to fill mine up with bright colorful pom poms to add some extra sparkle. Here is the blog & video so that you can follow the steps and make one of your own.

Step 4: ​6 Simple and Easy Christmas Ornaments

When I first started creating Youtube videos (and very sporadically I must say!) they didn’t have a blog post connected to them. The video below is from those early on days. This short and sweet video gives you 6 easy to make ornament ideas which each come together in under 10 minutes as well as a couple of crafting tips.

I hope these ornament ideas bring even more of the holiday spirit into your home.

Happy holidays, happy creating!


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