$10 DIY Project Supplies - Christmas Gift Guide




Buying gifts on a budget? Not a problem. This Christmas, the Hack N Mod Store has you covered with our low priced gadgets. Plus, shipping is only 99 cents! Our best deals are listed below for your money saving pleasure:

Quality Servo Motors

Basic Dynam Servo Motor - $9.99
8.4g Dynam Servo Motor - $6.86

LED Throwie Supplies

Exceptional LEDs:

10 LEDs for $2.99
50 LEDs for $6.99

Coin Cell Batteries:

5 batteries for $2.69
20 batteries for $5.14

Strong Rare Earth Magnets:

20 magnetsfor $3.30
100 magnets for $7.63

Case Cooling Specials:

Flexible Air Duct- $8.68
Thermal Paste (10 Tubes) - $4.90

Gaming Products

Xbox Live Headset - $8.75
Super Mario Swag - $3.49

Foldable MP3 Speakers

Basic Foldable Speakers - $9.88
Tripod Speakers - $8.30

Phone to PC Connectivity

Super Mini Bluetooth Adapter - $7.33
Thin Bluetooth Dongle -$ 6.99

Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs (110v)

48 LED Bulb - $9.31
36 LED Bulb - $7.51

Most of our items are under $10 - See more fantastic deals!



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      4 Discussions

      If only the lasr pointer was ten dollars... and you weren't just using the picture to get more views...


      10 years ago on Introduction

      Damn it! Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Awesome prices, totally bookmarked, blatant abuse of instructables.com; buy a real add and support the site, Spam!


      10 years ago on Introduction

      i like the deals, but i still think that deal extreme is better, but nice though some items are a lot cheaper