10 Inch Wood Letters Logo

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Hello there My Fellow Instructables..

Here i have 10 Inch Wood Letters  " Logo"

I used Pine Wood 3 Pcs  3 Feet Long By 2 Inches Wide 3/4 Inch Thick.

Using The Table Saw i Cut Them Into 3 Pcs About 5 mm Thick. 

Then Using A template. I Created 3 Letters. 10" Tall  9 " Wide  & 2 " Thick. The Body of Each Letter is 2" Wide.

After Putting All the Pcs Together. Using Wood Glue & Hot Glue. 

I installed The LED Strip in Sections .That Mean Soldering The Sections Together, and Heat Shrink Them.

The Base is 15 " Wide X 12" X     1/2 "   Each Letter is Sitting About 9 mm Away From the Base. This way The Light Comes Out From The Bottom

And It Looks Great.

The Back Of the Base Has The Cables For the Power. They Seat Inside a Channel And Its Covered With Hot Glue.

All it Needs is a Coat Of Paint. 

Now Go And Make Something.

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    5 years ago

    Great work. The backlit illumination has a fantastic effect.

    1 reply