10 LED Flasher

Introduction: 10 LED Flasher

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This instructable will show you how to make a super simple LED flasher. I was thinking about a mod where you could wire this up to an alarm circuit, and it would flash and make noise. If anyone figures it out, send me a PM or leave a comment.

Step 1: Parts

Gather the parts you need.

Step 2: Insert the 555 Timer Into the Breadboard

Step 3: Connect Pin 7 to +6V

Step 4: Connect Pin 7 to Pin 2 With the 10 K Resistor.

Step 5: Connect Pin 6 and Pin 2

Use a Jumper Wire.

Step 6: Connect Pin 2 to Ground With the 10 UF Cap.

This capacitor is polarized, so be sure to connect the longer pin to pin 2.

Step 7: Connect Pins 4+8

Use a Jumper Wire. Once you connect them, connect pin 8 to +6V.

Step 8: Connect the + and - LED Terminals in Parallel

Connect positive to positive, and negative to negative.

Step 9: Connect the - Side of the LED's to Pin 3 and the + Side to +6V.

Step 10: Connect the + Side of the LED's to the Positive Terminal on the Buzzer, and the - Side to the - Terminal of the Buzzer.

Use a Jumper Wire.

Step 11: Connect Pin 1 to Ground.

Step 12: Switch It on and See What Happens!

The LED's and the buzzer should switch on and off. If not, then check the circuit. Go through all the steps again and check your wiring.

Step 13: Schematic

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    It's just next NE555 led flasher circuit. There are lots of these in the internet and in the Instructables. Only change is you connect 10 leds in parallel instead of one. Nothing creative.