10 Life Hacks With PVC #5




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10 Life Hacks with PVC #5

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Here is the 5th Edition to our 10 Life hacks to make your life easier. We built and tested these with success. I hope you can benefit from some of these awesome life hacks.

1. Solar Light Holders

2. Wall Shoe Holder

3. Floor Book Holder

4. Bungee Cord holder

5. Garage Rag Holder

6. Three Plant Holder

7. Underwater Viewer

8. Pool Can Holder

9. Table Legs

10. Mailbox


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Fourth 10 Life Hacks with PVC Video:


Lifehacks are great techniques, tricks, shortcuts, or novelty ways to use certain products in uncommon ways to make life easier.

Just remember that PVC is only a form of hard plastic. It can and will break if too much weight or force is applied and injuries can occur. Please use caution when using anything made from PVC. Use of video content for personal projects is at your own risk.




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    2 years ago

    You have a lot of great ideas. I will be using some of them. I know it takes a lot of work making these videos and my comment is not meant to be negative about you or your videos. There are parts of your videos that make me laugh, sometimes out loud, because they remind of the early infomercials and how corny they were. The one that stands out in my mind is the one about plastic food containers where a woman opens a cabinet and it is CRAMMED full of containers and lids and they all come flying out when she tries to get one out. Informative and entertaining. Thanks.


    3 years ago

    Thank you for making these videos. You have such great ideas and solutions to so many annoying problems. I enjoy watching them. Terri

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    These are GREAT ideas, and you're a GENIUS! Thanks for sharing these cool ideas!

    2 replies
    HariKarier11 SpecificLove

    Reply 3 years ago

    Back in the early 80's my brother wanted to go camping with his new Toyota pickup and so I found a canvas tarp and did the math and built a nice sturdy frame all out of pvc pipe and fittings. I also made some trellises for my mom, the square and the fan styles, for her climbing plants and if I would have had a cell phone back then I would have had a few photos, the cameras back then just wouldn't quite fit in my pocket. Keep dreaming, you have some great ideas.