$10 Marvel Psylocke Cosplay

Introduction: $10 Marvel Psylocke Cosplay

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Psylocke is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men. Learn more about Psylocke

I had a date set to go to Super Hero bingo with some friends and needed a costume in less than 24 hours! I love bingo and super heroes, so attending was a MUST. I picked Psylocke for my character costume because she is a total babe but is not to be underestimated! Her costume is pretty scandalous and a bit complex. Although I have been sewing for over 10 years I had less than a day to put the entire thing together so I am going to share with you how I skipped some steps and ended up with a pretty good cosplay that didn't break the bank!


• A car to scout materials
• Scissors
• 2 snaps / Hook and Eyes (Safety Pins worse case scenario)
• Tailors tape or Hard tape measure with help of a string or ribbon
• Access to a set up sewing machine

If you don't have a sewing machine you will need to

1. Hand Stitch
2. Have access to a iron and stitch witch

I am using Walmart for this example because there is one just about every 5 miles across the entire US.

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Step 1: Find the Materials

OK so the first thing you need to do is have a few good reference images saved on your phone or printed out to take with you on your adventure to find the materials. I had mine on my phone because that is easiest for me.

I went to Goodwill for my first stop to find materials.

I totally lucked out and found a long deep blue/ high shine velvet dress only 5 mins into looking. Even better was the dress was a long sleeve style with a turtleneck.

The dress was the right color and only cost a few bucks!

Feeling victorious in finding the main body piece I moved on to a optional buy..

Step 2: Measure Twice - Cut Once ----8<----

Once I got home I laid the dress and leggings out and was feeling nervous about the amount of fabric on the dress, compared to what I needed for the look to be successful.

This is where you want to TAKE YOUR TIME....the likely hood of finding the dress again is slim to non and the likely hood of finding that color velvet in a shop is slim as well..

I Measured my body

I turned the dress inside out and marked my measurements in the inside of the dress with a silver sharpie so it would show up on the dark fabric. You could mark it with pins too if you have them.

I doubled checked everything before I even picked up the scissors. I sketched the dress out and planned out how it needed to be cut to make the form I needed. I had to get creative in a few places.



The first cut into the fabric is when you will feel your stomach try to crawl out through your bellybutton.

Step 3: There Is No Going Back....this Is Your Life Now

OK the fabric was cut.

It actually ended up just fine!

I tried on all of the pieces and they all fit pretty well. There was only a few minor adjustments needed. Mostly in the crotch due to the leggings adding extra material. I didn't want it to be bunched up so the front panel is cut pretty high in the hips.

Step 4: Break It In

I sewed up the ends on all of the cut pieces making sure to use my cover stitch machine that would allow for stretch. You can use a zig zag titch on a basic machine to achieve stretchy seams as well.

I grabbed a scrap piece of red material out of one of my fabric bins and cut it into a long 8" wide strip about 5 ft long. You could also snag a red scarf from goodwill too if they had one or buy a piece of red stretch from Walmart's sewing department. The leggings looked great and you could barely them apart from my skin (in color) I pinned my leggings to the velvet leg panels to help those panels stay in place and not fall down.

I sewed in two snaps in the middle of the crotch panel so I could use the rest room if needed without having to get naked in the stall...that sucks and no one wants to deal with that so just sew in the snaps, buttons, hook and eyes or whatever you need to make that crotch panel open.

I ran around the house in the costume for a good while doing ninja kicks, cartwheels and tumbles to make sure that nothing would fall apart. The last thing you want is for your snaps to undo on your crotch or a boob to say hello in public...that will forever be on the internet and burned into peoples brains...no one wants to be remembered as surprise boob Psylocke. Well, someone might want to, but I don't!

Step 5: Finishing Details

I happened to have purple clip in hair extensions already so I snapped those to my scalp and watched a awesome video on contouring. I matched my make up to the character and was ready to go! The entire costume cost me under $10 with the help of a few found items around my house! Even if I had purchased EVERYTHING I am sure I still would have been under $25 total!

I made my deadline and had a blast with my friends. I felt sexy but covered and confident! I didn't win bingo but I still won at life!



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    3 years ago

    Looks great! That velvet bodysuit was a real find. I love when I can thrift just the right thing for a costume...and hate those days when I drive all over town and can't find anything even close!


    4 years ago

    It really looks great and you look great in it. Well done! :)