10 Minute Blowgun

Introduction: 10 Minute Blowgun

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Step 1: Requirements

Sewing needle
Stick glue (optional)
Two 1/4" diameter straws

Step 2: Needle

Find a sewing needle about 2" long. Thick sewing needle but not to thick

Step 3: Body

To make the body find a shoelace any color you please. Cut the end to about 1/4" and cut down the string to about 3/4 (rough estimate)

Step 4: Straw

Take two straws tape them together and cut them down to 12"

Step 5: Assembly

To assemble the needle stick the back end of the needle into a stick o glue about 1/4 of the needle.

Firmly stick the needle through the back of the body. If the needle doesn't fit snuggly into the body find a wider needle.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

To load blow dart insert the dart needle first into the back of straw until fully Into straw.

To fire simply blow quickly until dart fully leaves straw

Step 7:

Dart is strong enough to stick in drywall, hardwood, and many others things

Have fun

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Interesting never thought about that


    6 years ago

    Pretty cool, I made one, it comes out really fast if you connect it to a compressed air duster can