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Introduction: 10 Minute Super Easy Dungeon Torches

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10 Minute Super Easy Dungeon Torches for Halloween and other Dungeon Events. Also could be olympic torch, or Frankenstine villager torch.

These torches look great in the light and especially in the dark. You can make several of them to decorate your dungeon in just a few minutes, with absolutely no talent or skill.


Black bristol board paper (or other large paper you could paint it with the texture of your choice)
Orange and Yellow Tissue paper
Battery operated tea light for each torch
Wall mounted tea light/candle holder that has rings to support the tealight

scissors or exacto knife
Something about 14" around to make a circle

A roll of tape of some kind.

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Step 1: Step 1: the Torch Handle

Find something about 14" around to make a cirlcle. I used a lid off a large pan.  You could use a small garbage can, a toy, or just eyeball it. You can practice on newspaper if you want to see how big of a torch you want to make before you try it with the good paper.

Trace the circle

Cut out the circle.

Curl the paper around so it is more pointed on the bottom than top, and torch-like.

Tape the back.

Really...you are done....Repeat for each torch.

Step 2: Step 2: Making Fire

Take a sheet of orange tissue paper.
Grab the centre and crimp it.

Repeat with a yellow sheet of tissue paper.

Shove the papers and  the electric tea light into the torch handle.

Empty the rings of the tea light rack, Shove your new torch into the ring of the tea light rack Tape it to the frame if desired.

TADAH  you are done.

Affix your torches to your dungeon walls (here we bought stone wallpaper at the dollar store, and threw some manacles over the wall of the stairs by the front door. Turn out the lights...Instant dungeon.

for Halloween or ....um role playing   :)

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