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Who doesn't love toys? I know I do! Toys are so much fun, especially making them! Here I have
collected a couple of toys I have learned to make over the years, and will teach you to make them too!
Most of them take only 5-10 minuets.


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Step 1: #1 Boomerang

Boomerangs are always fun. The science on how they come back to you is fascinating too.
They can be made very easily and very cheapily.

*Cardboard (about 1 cm width should work)
*stickers (optional)
*Spray paint (optional)

*Scissors or knife
*pen or pencil

Step one
Choose a design. The designs I find useful are the cross and the Y (as I call them). The Y is the one I made in the pictures. It flies farther but does not come back as much. The cross is simply a cross. It is harder to make but it comes back more like an actual boomerang. Both are terrific designs but I prefer the Y.

Sketch it out on the cardboard. Each wing should be about 4 or 5 inches long but no longer. I think the most important part of the sketching is on the position of the wings, because that decides if it will fly well or not. Spread them apart equally.

Step two
Use the sissors/knife to cut out the design. 

Step Three
Spray paint it if you want and add stickers.Once youv'e done this, your done! (For throwing, you should grip it like in the last picture and throw it sidearm) also see movie to see how it flies.

Step 2: #2 Dive Toy

How many times have you been at the pool but none of your friends were there? I know this has happened to me before. I deicided to make one of these to entertain myself at the pool. The are very easy to make and fun to play with.

*Ribbon (optional)


Step One
Take the funnel and put it in the balloon. Gently pour sand down it. I won't tell you how much to put in because that is completly up to you. If you want more of a challenge, add more sand so it sinks faster. If you are an easy goer than just put a little bit in. Tie a knot in the balloon. 

Step Two
Tie ribbon onto the neck of the balloon. Use the siccors to split them and make it look better. Finally, cut off the end of the balloon to make it look better. DONE!

Step 3: #3 Paper Helicopter

I know many people already know this one, but hey it's a classic. They are really fun to play with and also make. You can make them any size you want. Smaller spins faster but falls quicker. The one I have here is a great medium.

*1 sheet A4 paper
*Paper clips


Step one
Follow the second picture and make the template. It should look like a  giant "T". Cut it out along the lines. Fold the two flaps. One goes forward the other goes backward.

Step two
Attach a couple of paperclips (I recommend 3 on this design) to add weight at the bottom. Drop it out of a window or high place to see it in action. Also, watch the video attched to see what it does!

Step 4: #4 Whoopee Coushion

Whoopee coushion. Who doensn't love them? They are quite possibly the most simple, funniest, ingenious idea ever. It is so much fun watching someone get pranked. Usually you have to buy them but oh no, you can make them with only a balloon!

*Victim! :)


Step one
Blow up the balloon, not to big not to small. Look at the picture for about the right size.  Next, twist the neck of the balloon over and over. Now here comes the tricky part! Press the neck down onto the balloon so it stays. It should look like the 4th picture. It may be tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, it is quite easy.

Step Two
Slip the balloon under someones seat cushion and wait! It is supposed to relese the twist under the pressure of someones bum when they sit on it. Enjoy! 

Step 5: #5 Paper Football

Paper footballs are the perfect bordem protecter weather it's school, work, or your just down right bored to death.

*One sheet of A4 paper, carstock, colored paper, or another type of paper. It is really up to you
*Tape (optional)
*Drawing supplies (optional)


Step One
Take your paper and cut it into a strip like in the pic. The wider the strip the bigger the football will be. Fold one corner across. Then fold it up. Fold it across again. Repeat (if you are confused just look like the pictures. Once you've folded all the way to the nub, cut the two corners of the "nub". (see pic). Fold the flap into the paper football.

 (Optional) Laminate the paper with tape to remove friction.

Finally, decorate it and your done!

See here   to learn how to play paper football.



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