10 Places to Hide Eggs Inside Your House on Easter - PRANKS

Introduction: 10 Places to Hide Eggs Inside Your House on Easter - PRANKS

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If you’re in the mood to hide eggs this upcoming easter here are 10 places inside your house where you can hide them, I gotta warn you though, it will get very messy!

For example hide one behind a door, between the
wall and the door knob, just use tape to hold the egg in place.
You can also hide it inside the bathroom cabinet.
On top of a door, this might actually fall on someone so
make sure they can take a joke.
Using tape, Place an egg on the door hinges.  
If the roll of paper towels is on a wall, just put it
underneath and when it gets rolled, it’ll fall off.
Tape a bottle cap on top of a ceiling fan blade, This
will hold the egg on top and when someone turn it on, it will fall down and it might
land on someone.
Hide an egg underneath an upside down  can of potato chips inside a cabinet,  When someone gets hungry and goes for the
chips, they’ll be in for a surprise.
Tape an egg underneath a drawer, it wont be easily
spotted, just leave it open.  
Of course you can always put an egg inside the fridge
door,  just modify it so the egg can fall
Lastly,  Nest it ontop of a shower curtain, you can put as many eggs as you want. 

When someone goes in for a shower and pullson the curtain the eggs will fall down in either direction.

And that’s it guys, 10 places inside your house where you can hide eggs on easter to pranks your friends and family, Please refer to the Instructional Video for a full demo of each prank! Again, they are very messy! Happy Easter!!!

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