10 Simple April Fools' Day Pranks - HOW TO PRANK

Introduction: 10 Simple April Fools' Day Pranks - HOW TO PRANK

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The following are 10 simple yet effective pranks you can set up around the house, school or the office on April Fools' Day. You'll won't need any special tools or materials to pull these off.

For further instructions refer to the Instructional Video provided

Step 1: The Pranks

Tamper With The Toilet

For this first prank, head over to the restroom and remove the cover from the tank behind the toilet because we're going to tamper with it. Simply unhook chain from the flusher, drop it inside the water and next time someone takes a dump and wants to flush they’ll have to stick their whole hand inside. This is very inconvenient.

Soda Can Tap Prank

Next up, frustrate someone by doing this to their soda can, carefully turn the tab 180 degrees and fold it in half till it breaks off, just be careful not to cut yourself. your victim will have a hard time opening it.

Ink-less Pen Prank

Take someone’s pen and pop out the tip, remove the ink tub and put it back, when someone tries to use it, it will eventually be out of ink.

Scissor Prank

If you want to make someone mad at the office, take their scissor and wrap as much tape around them as you can. Put them back in the pencil cup and when its time to use them, This wont make work any easier.

Glued Up Toilet Paper

Grab the toilet paper, place it on a surface and un roll it, apply some glue on a few squares, roll it up and put it back. When someone wants to wipe, the toilet paper will fall apart. It wont be a fun experience that’s for sure.

Shower Condom Prank

While you’re in the rest room, open up a condom and squirt some lotion inside, Put it over the shower head this is what will happen when someone wants to shower, they’ll be in for a surprise. It looks disgusting, no one would want to touch that.

Frustrating Gel Bottle Prank

Make your roommates morning difficult by applying hot glue over the opening of their gel bottle, they’ll have to pop it open to have access to it.

Annoying Ketchup Bottle Prank

Another way to get the same result is to open a ketchup bottle, put a piece of plastic wrap over the top and close it back up. Hopefully the person trying to get ketchup is smart enough to figure out whats wrong.

Hidden Measuring Cup

This one you can do on the flour or sugar container, Open it and pretty much bury the measuring cup. This is like the most frustrating thing because they’ll have to dig deep inside to find it.

Tv Remote Not Working

This last one will really test your roommates intelligence as well as piss them off, Take the tv remote and open it. No you don’t have to take out the batteries, just turn them around. This is really annoying just like the rest of the pranks listed above!

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    4 years ago

    OMG I HAVE TO DO THE TV REMOTE ONE TO MY DAD! ? can I just put duct tape over the remote sensor?


    Reply 3 months ago

    Sure, but it might be easier to see


    3 months ago

    I KNOW I HAVE TO DO THE TV ONE!!!!!!!!!!


    3 years ago

    I want to do the toilet paper one for my brother or sister


    3 years ago

    awesome and hilarious!!!!