Getting bored of the same old lunch ideas? Running out of ways to use your sandwich bread?

Here are 10 ways you can spruce up you lunch using bread you already have in your kitchen!

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Step 1: Make a Sandwich!

The easiest and most common thing is to make a plain old sandwich! Try using different sandwich spreads and fillings - you'd be surprised how many days you could actually go with eating a sandwich before you get tired of it. Try also toasting it up, grilling it up or even putting it straight into your waffle iron!

Step 2: Make a Sandwich Cutout

Just changing the shape of your sandwich can sometimes do the trick! You know what they say - we eat with our eyes - so next time you feel a bit of creativity come along - grab some cookie cutters and have some fun!

Step 3: Make an Egg Toast!

This is perfect for using up any crust leftovers from your sandwich cutouts! On medium heat just toast up some bread with the center cut out of it, drop an egg in the center and let it cook up - you can also flit it to cook and toast the top side or do the whole thing in the oven!

Step 4: Make an Uncrustable

Who remembers this from their childhood?

These homemade uncrustables can be filled with anything! - The classic peanut butter and jam is delicious but any leftovers from dinner also work amazingly too!

If you don't have an uncrustable sandwich crimper - just go around the outside with the back of a fork!

Step 5: Make a Sandwich Pizza!

Easy Easy!! Are you in the mood for pizza? Don't want to or don't know how to make pizza dough? Just use a piece of bread as the pizza base and top with all your favourite pizza toppings! Bake it in the oven until the cheese is melted.

Step 6: Make Sandwich Rolls or Sushi!

Use a rolling pin or a bottle and roll out your piece of sandwich bread until its flat, add some sandwich spread, then any shredded foods you like (it can be sweet or savoury), roll it up, slice it up and it's ready to eat!

Step 7: Make Muffin Cups

Who would've thought that you could use simple sandwich bread to make a delicious muffin?

Flatten out your bread then gently fit them into a muffin tray - bake them alone then add your fresh toppings or add all your toppings before baking - you could even drop an egg into it!!

Step 8: Make Sandwich Kabobs

Everything on a stick is just tastier! Cut up your bread into cubes, along with some cheese and any veggies or protein you want - put it all on some toothpicks or skewers. Finger food!

Step 9: Make French Toast

Pair this with some maple syrup and breakfast for lunch never sounded so good!

Step 10: Make Croutons or Crackers

With some mini cookie or fondant cutters, cut out a bunch of small shapes then give them a quick toast on your stove top or oven. You could also give them a light coat of butter - top with some parmesan or any of your favourite spices. It's like a yummy little chip treat!

Step 11: See the Full Video Tutorial!

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    4 years ago

    Awesome ideas!