10 Knex Instructables You Need to Make!





Introduction: 10 Knex Instructables You Need to Make!

just to start out! I DO NOT CLAIM I MADE ANY OF THESE WEAPONS. they are all their respective owners. they are only on here to showcase my favourites. enjoy! and by the way you should build as many of these weapons as possible.



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    I would like to note to everyone below, this slideshow is 2 years old now. Other knex guns have been developed that might be somewhat better. Such as the turreted weapons (BR-8 and BR-18), several variants of the Railbow Rifle concept, and the ZKAR v2.

    to be honest, i think the sr-v1 is overrated. ok its good and looks awesome, but in theory its just a massive slingshot,

    i know but what im saying is it is basically just a long barrel stock handle etc. it doesnt have any features that make it unique so to speak.

    i completely agree-it shows no innovation in mi opinion. you missed out afew though-u should definitely incude mepain's "knexsayer" and maybe the traut's mp5, just because it looks so much like the real gun.

    Well it sorta does as it brought the idea of slingshot snipers to the table. Before then I think there was only 1 slingshot gun that was a bit rubbish it was a pistol. I think that's what happened anyway...