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I wanted to make a cheap light saber for my sons halloween costume. Hes only 2 so i didnt want to spend money on something he would destroy in 1 night.

I went to my local pound store and bought the following.....

A Red glow stick (2 for £1)
A Push button Red LED torch (£1)
Black electrical tape (£1)


Firstly I took the led torch and took the plastic 'lens' off the top.

step 2

Next i got some sand paper and lightly sanded the glow stick, taking care not to snap it and make it glow.
Sanding it makes the light diffuse more.

step 3

Next i took a dremel and made the top of the torch bigger to fit the glow stick into it securely. 

step 4 

next i took the black electrical tape and carefully wrapped it around the torch, cutting around the push button.

step 5

finally i inserted the glow stick and glued it into place using a glue gun.

At the night of the party, i snapped the glow stick so that there is a constant glow, and whenever the push button is pressed it creates an even more powerful glow.

All together it took around 10 mins and cost £3.

Perfect addition to a darth vader costume :D

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