10 Minute Key(flower) Jewelry With Glue Gun.



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Not every jewelry maker uses a glue as part of the jewelry making process, but if you do any kind of other crafts or make mixed media jewelry, then you probably find yourself needing to glue now and then. In fact, mixed media jewelry often requires gluing because of the unique mixture of materials used, depending on the project of course.

BUT, what if we use gun ITSELF as a jewelry material???

by using alginate,( dental mould) as a molding material?alas we can make our own quick jewelry :)

Step 1:

A pattern , charms ( keys locks etc)

Alginate powder

Some plastic cups

a plastic tray ( ferrero rocher lid works good)

Stirring sticks (the ones from the coffee shop are best and free)

glue gun.

a mixing bowl.

The problem with Alginate as a casting mould material is that it is not very strong, it cant handle big undercuts and it's considered to be a 'one shot' mould.

Dentists use it to cast your teeth. The advantages of alginate are, that it takes very fine details, it is very safe to use, and most of all it cures in 90 seconds flat.

to make my charms I used a plastic tray ( ferrero rocher lid works good). with the main 'face' of the pattern uppermost.

Mix the alginate 1 part powder to two parts water by volume and give it a good stir with a stick.once it is uniform, carefully pour the alginate into the tray. Ensure that the pattern is completely covered to a depth of not less than 25mm or 1 inch.

After a minute and a half the alginate will have cured into a strange wet rubbery substance.Turn the tray over and press out the mould. CAREFULLY (I use tweezers) draw the pattern out of the mould. The mould shape should mean that it is self supporting.

Now heat your glue gun. The trick is to use high heat glue sticks and stick the nozzle as far into the mold as you can and work out from there. it will take a few tries to figure out how to keep the air bubbles from forming but the best part is that the glue is cool and ready to use in about a minute.

carefully remove your glue pieces from the silicon molds and use small detail scissors to cut off any excess glue.

using this method I managed to get 10 good casts before the alginate began to fail.

Step 2: Paint

paint and wear.



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