10 Minute Skull Using Sketchbook Pro

Introduction: 10 Minute Skull Using Sketchbook Pro

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I will be showing you how to draw a skull using Sketchbook Pro. This is meant to be a foundation drawing that you can take and build on. I will also show you  a few tools in Sketchbook that I found useful, this is my first time using the software. Let's get started.

 Open sketchbook and create a new file, you can choose any background color you like.

Note: The image above was created by making some layers invisible and I liked the way it looked.

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Step 1: Sketching

Now create a new layer 

Choose the pencil tool from the brush palette

Choose The "Symmetry Y" as well as the "free" line tool from the tool bar  ( see image )

Now just sketch your shape out, you will only need to sketch one half and it will be duplicated on the other side( I love that tool!)

Once you have your sketch finished time to block in some color.

Step 2: Blocking

Create a new layer

Choose the airbrush tool, I think I used a 33 size and 40% for flow

Now just color in your sketch, this does not have to be precise. 

Your drawing should start to take on life.

Step 3: Outlining

You guessed it, New layer!

Now choose the pencil tool from the brush palette 

Choose the smooth stroke tool from the toolbar, This is another tool I fell in love with.

Now outline you skull , I started with the eyes. When you outline the parameter of the skull try to stay inside where you blocked in

Once you have the outline done you can choose the previous layer and erase any color that may be outside the lines.

Step 4: Shading

I did not document this step with a screen capture,sorry

This is where you start shading, I did not go crazy with the shading I just did enough to make the drawing look halfway decent.

Create a new layer for each shade.

Below is my finished product, I was able to finish this from blank document to a basic skull in 10 minutes.

Once you have finished your drawing , go through and make different layers invisible. That is how I achieved the ghosting or x-ray look  that is on the intro page. As I said before this is my first time using sketchbook Pro ( I downloaded the trial) and I must say that I have found a new drawing program. Now only if I could get my hands on a Wacom Cintig .....

 I had a lot of fun doing this drawing, I hope you found this instructable interesting.

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