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There are some incredible costume 'ibles, but sometime you need a faster solution. Here's how to make an awesome tutu in just a few minutes. Watch the video to see how to tie it up quickly.

It is my scientific opinion that you can never have enough tutus. After years of tutu creation, these steps/measurements consistently give the biggest, fluffiest tutus I've seen. Party on.

Tulle, any color(s) you like. I bought tulle ribbon that was 6 inches wide, you can also just cut yards in to 6 x 16 inch sections
-it's fast if you wrap the spool out around a chair back or anything that is 16 inches wide and cut on  each side, (or 8 inches around and cut once!)
-I started with five spools and they made an adult and a child tutu, totaling about 5 feet of fluff.


A keychain or something with a little weight to it.

1. Take the tulle ribbon or a strip and cut it long enough to go around your waist and tie in a bow to know how long the waist line needs to be, and cut

2. Cut the rest of the ribbon to 6x 16 inch sections. you are going to need loads of these. the more you get on the waist band, the fluffier your tutu will be!

3. Tie the key chain to one end of the waistband, leaving enough room to tie the waist band. This will just act as a backstop while you are adding the rest of the tulle, you will take it off when you're done.

4. Tie each 6 x 16 inch section to the waist band in a cow hitch. Tie it tightly, and smoosh it down hard, the more you fit, the fluffier the tutu. Keep going until you have enough on there to fit the highly stylish individual that will be rocking this tutu.

5. Be fabulous.

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