10 Minutes Table Lamp - Easy and Cheap





Introduction: 10 Minutes Table Lamp - Easy and Cheap

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10 minutes..
it is all the time you need to make this Lampe.


Step 1: What You Need:

  1. a 40 w bulb
  2. cable
  3. lamp socket
  4. a can

- drill
- screwdriver

Step 2: How to Make It:

- Drill a lot of holes around the can ..
- Fix the cable with the  40 W bulb

Step 3: Your Lamp ;)



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    13 Discussions

    Looks great, very inventive :)

    The lamp looks nice and inventive.
    Please (extra) insulate the wire where it passes into the can.
    Electricity and safety go hand in hand.

    1 reply

    take a look on 3, pic of 2. step.
    You can see , the wire has no contact to the can.
    The lamp is pretty safe.

    I like it, I even made one years ago before I even knew about instructables.com, but I used different colored lighting gels to cover the holes from the inside.