10 Things You Know About Yourself From the Use of CLAY Project




This is a cool project for any kid or adult. This can be made with any color or clay of your desire. You can do it for play dough and you would get the same results. This project is a project to get yourself thinking. Pick 10 things in your life that mean something to you. This will make up the pieces of your project. Spell your name out in clay or sculpting material you are using. Make the pieces that mean something to you and attach them to your name in any way you can. These projects will all look different for every person. Mine is made the way I like it and your made the way you like it. This would give your kids a fun project, or yourself, but will also teach you or your kids more than you think you know about yourself. It can also be the new center piece on your mantle or kitchen counter for everyone to see.

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