$100 Gun Into One-of-a-kind

Introduction: $100 Gun Into One-of-a-kind

I have a Rossi single shot 20 gauge that I hadn't used in a while and decided to make it a bit more interesting. You can use any old single shot, or any firearm for that matter.

Things you'll need:
1. Four different colors of spray paint in a matte finish, preferably those that best match your local woodlands. I chose olive, tan, green, and brown.
2. Protective Matte Clear Coat.
3. Painters tape.
4. Wax paper.
5. Scissors.
6. Tweezers.
7. A firearm to paint!
8. A whole ton of patience.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any damage, loss of value, or voided warranties. You attempt this at your own risk and understand that I am not responsible for your actions. Always obey local, state, and federal laws when working on a firearm.

Step 1: Prep Work

First off, make sure your firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Now that that's done, we want to remove as much surface oil as possible so that the paint adheres well. I accomplished this by repeatedly rubbing the shotgun down with rubbing alcohol and allowing to air dry.

Next you will want to tape off or remove which ever parts that you do not want to paint. I chose to tape off the hammer/ejection lever, trigger guard assembly, and sling mounts. I also removed the rubber butt pad.

Step 2: Pattern Time

Here we need to work on our patterns, I came up with this one a couple weeks ago and this is its first use on a complete firearm. I've found a couple of details to tweak, but I'll discuss that more later.

In order of use, the four main patterns are:
1. Small stripe/speck. (You will only need a few of these).
2. Large splotch/amoebae looking things.
3. Small splotch.
4. Long wavy stripe.

What you will need to due is pull out about two feet of wax paper and completely cover both sides with overlapping layers of painters tape. Once that is done draw all of your patterns out on ONE SIDE ONLY, remember that each pattern will create two stickers.

Step 3: Spray Away.

For our first coat we are going to be using the lightest color in our chosen set, for me this was olive. Remember to spray with short and even bursts, the point here is to get an even and consistent coat, NOT a thick one. If you spray on too thick or too much paint at one time you will get runs and those are annoying to get rid of. Wait about an hour after coating the first side and repeat on the next side, before moving on to the next step make sure that there are no spots that show the original color.

While the paint dries it would be a good time to start cutting our patterns out, it'll take a little while.

Step 4: Apply Pattern 1

I let my shotgun sit out for at least a few hours in the sun on a low humidity day before applying my first patterns. Place these small strips some what randomly, but just a few on each side. This will more than anything provide a sort of a blending of the other three colors.

You may find it to be a little difficult to peel the stickers off of the wax paper, i found the tweezers to be a huge help here. Make sure that when applying pattern stickers that you press them down into the grooves, this provides a much cleaner pattern.

Step 5: Second Paint Color

Now we will apply our second paint color, which will be the second darkest color in our set. For me this is green. Now remember to make sure to evenly coat the whole weapon, as you can I missed a spot where the barrel meets the fore grip.

Step 6: Pattern 2 and Paint

As you can see I forgot to take a picture before painting over Patter 2. Oh well, you can still make out how the placement goes. This pattern helps in the main break up of your weapons shape.

Once you have finished placing your patterns, go ahead and apply your next color. You will want to use your second lightest color, for me this was tan.

Step 7: Pattern 3 and Paint... Again.

Here we go again. In retrospect, I wish that I had use a little bit larger tan pattern on the buttstock, but I'll survive. You should place these in the rest of the open areas, even over lapping the other patterns a bit, it will provide a nice background effect.

Once you're all done go ahead and spray it with your darkest color from your set, for me this was brown. Remember, nice even coats.

Step 8: Pattern 4 and Paint... Stripes Time!

You've made it, you're almost done!
Apply your wavy stripes in a diagonal fashion going the same way, give a little spacing between them. This pattern will actually be the background pattern for all of the other patterns.

Now we want to spray our firearm with our second darkest and second lightest colors (tan and green) in a stripe pattern going diagonally opposite of our sticker pattern.

Step 9: Peel Off Those Stickers!

Now, after sitting for about a day, use your tweezers to carefully pull all of your patterns off. Don't rush it! Take your time. Leave the tape on over the areas that you didn't not paint.

Once they are all off, give it a few coats of protective matte clear coat.

Step 10: Show Time!

Reassemble and you are ready to rock and roll! I'm fairly pleased with the way this came out, especially since this is my first time painting a whole firearm.

Well I hope that you enjoyed and that you have fun making your patterns and mixing and matching different colors!

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    8 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Really not bad for a spray can job. It's been a few months, has it stayed durable? I know you added clear coat in description so I know that helps. Sometimes around the barrel and breach area paint will bubble, discolor or peal due to heat from shooting.

    Again, good job! just checking on on how it held up


    6 years ago

    Spray paint camo on guns and trucks and other things that just aren't redneck enough usually comes out looking cheap, but you did a good job.

    camping crazy

    It turned out awesome!!! How did it hold up to use though?? I would have clear coated it and got black rubber grips for the hand hold so it wont wear off!!! Really nice job though thanks for posting!!!

    camping crazy
    camping crazy

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha never mind about the clear coat I really gotta read more carefully!!


    6 years ago

    man thats really cool I have the exact same gun lol