$100 'Notepad' Prank





Introduction: $100 'Notepad' Prank

Here's a way to prank some of your friends and gets some laughs too. It's a $100 all in $1 bills.

Click here for the demonstration of the final product.


100 - CRISP $1 bills (if have money to burn, you can do $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bills)
padding glue
notepad cardboard

Step 1: Setup

- Go to your nearest bank and make a withdrawal of $100 but ask for one hundred $1 bills. Again, you can use larger denominations if you have money to waste. Ask the teller you want BRAND NEW BILLS.

- Grab a sheet of notepad cardboard. You can tear one off from an actual notepad. Cut two pieces of the cardboard the same size as the stack of bills.

- Take the money band off the stack of 100 and place it between the two pieces of cardboard you cut. Make sure you label it properly.

- Using binding clips and rubber bands, clamp the stack on the left, right, and bottom sides of the stack while using rubber bands to secure the top edge.

- Take some padding glue and put a few layers on the top edge of the bill. Since the layers are thin, it should dry in 30 minutes. To be safe, let it dry for 1-1.5 hours.

- Carefully take off the top piece of the cardboard by lifting up the cardboard slightly and running a ruler along the glued edges.

... Now your product is complete. When friends ask you for a dollar or two, simply peel off one or two bills depending on the amount. Try not to laugh as they give you a befuddled look. They may say it's fake but it is in fact REALMONEY. HAPPY PRANKING AND ENJOY!!!

Click the video for a demonstration :-)

WARNING: Try this with friends and family ONLY. DO NOT PUT YOURSELF AT RISK by trying to purchase something. You might get in trouble with the authorities. I CLAIM NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything that happens.

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    it wok my friend freaked when I told him that it was fake

    My teacher said that was a lot of ones

    i really want to try this but what is "padding glue" and does it have to be that type of glue?

    5 replies

    Hi Jay,

    padding glue is designed specifically for notepads. The adhesive is just strong enough to hold the paper together and yet you can tear off one sheet without disturbing the rest. It has to be that type of glue and nothing else. Imagine you use a super strong adhesive. You're going to rip small pieces of the cotton fibers of the bills and it the bills won't look crisp anymore :)

    thanks, that makes sense as far as the glue is concerned i guess I'll have to buy some at a hobby lobby or something

    Amusing. Steve Wozniak does a very similar thing with a pad of perforated $2 bills (he bought sheets from the US Treasury and prepped them in a pad). There is a Youtube of him pranking a show host with them. Nice to see a DIY version!

    5 replies

    thanks. $2 are rare and people WILL think it's fake. The $1 bills are real and all in sequence. I've used some on friends and saw their befuddled faces. Their facial expressions were priceless.

    $2 bills are still printed every year every bank I ever went to and asked for them had them so I would not call them rare just not widley used

    Yup, all through my childhood, I had a Great Aunt that would send each of her nieces, nephews, and grand kids a crisp new 2$ bill for their birthday. I still have the last one I got hanging by my desk, because the back side of a 2$ bill is pretty amazing looking. (its an engraving of the signing of the declaration of Independence.)

    since it's April Fools today, I went to the bank and asked the teller for $2 bills and he actually had them. I asked for 25 of them ($50)... having 100 - $2 bills is $200 and not that many people believe a $2 is real....although you'd get a good laugh when you give it to them...

    My father told me about doing this, but he would insert plain bill sized slips of paper in the stack. Then pull out out to make purchases, peel them off one at a time, and crumple up the ones that "didn't take" as you do. Watch the cashier's reaction.

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    I love this but i don't have time to make it

    It's not a prank but liked it. I voted it for the April fool contest and I favourited it

    You can teach me