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Introduction: 100 Percent Figs and Berries Roll-ups

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This roll up is sweet, super easy to make, made of 100 percent pure fruits. Ingrdients are readily available.

I like leathery fruit roll ups. But looking at the ingredients list in some big name company's Fruit Roll-Ups: pears from concentrate, corn syrup, dried corn syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, citric acid, sodium citrate, acetylated monoglycerides, fruit pectin, dextrose, maltic acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavor and the following food coloring: blue 1, red 40 and yellows 5 and 6. There are a few things I'd rather not put hem in my body or anybody else's. But there is hope I might have it my way, that  few things are to prolong shelf life, shorten processing time or add color. It can be done without them for consuming them fresh and in natural colors. It turned out I'm right.

Thanks Instructables the Contest Purple for giving bonus points for those who incorporate figs into their project. I immediately checked out what is the fuzz about figs. Sweet,  rich in  phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins, I'm in! I tried making a few things with figs and decided to share this one with everyone. So get ready.

You'll need:

3 Dried black mission figs, sliced thin
3 Dried dates, sliced and pitted
3 Strawberries, washed, stem removed
1/3 Cup blueberries, washed

1 Banana, peeled

Baking pan or sheet
Non-stick parchment paper

Step 1: Grind Ingredients Into Puree Consistency

Place fruits into blender in the order of strawberries, blueberries, dates, figs and banana. Reserve slices of one fig for later use as marble toppings.
Pulse a few times, then grind at high-smoothie setting.

Step 2: Transfer Fruits Puree Into Baking Pan or Sheet

Line baking pan or sheet with non-stick parchment paper. To be sure, I brushed the paper surface with a slightly oily brush.
Transfer fruits puree into baking pan or sheet, I used a 11 inch by 7.5 inch pan. The puree layer was rather thick, about 1/4 inch I'd say.
Top the reserved fig slices on top.

Step 3: Bake at Your Oven's Lowest Temperature

Mine is 170 F. Because of the size of the pan I used, the fruit puree layer was rather thick. It took about 7 hours for it to set. Waiting for it to set is probably the hardest part of this recipe. The good thing is you don't need to stay in. I actually went for my dental appointment after I put it in the oven. You don't need to do anything with it. Nor does it matter if it is baked slightly longer. 

Step 4: Shorten the Baking Time

I made another batch folloing the same ingredients quantity and procedure except I reserved all fig slices as toppings, transfered that to a 13 inch by 9 inch regular baking sheet. It seemed that was the perfect thinkness to bake. It shortened baking time to 4 hours.

Depending on the size of strawberries, banana and dried fruits, and the baking sheet or pan you have, if it didn't seem to be the right thickness, you can use fraction of the sheet or scoop off some puree and just eat it.   

Step 5: To Serve

Slice it to strips, Roll them up, wrap in plastic wrap to keep it from drying out. Eat it as it is or sandwitch between tortila bread for snack and lunch on the go.

Or just an idea, use the whole sheet as a cake decoration? Use round pan/sheet for round cake, rectangle pan/sheet for rectangle cake ... just an idea. Be creative how you eat it!

Step 6: Yummy! Get Busy and Don't Forget to Vote If You Like It.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks good! Would like to make some real soon. Thanks for the instructable!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for taking time to comment. I'm glad you liked it.