100% Solved - ABS Warping in 3D Printing

Introduction: 100% Solved - ABS Warping in 3D Printing

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Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/HoPGaZCrrJ0

This method has given me 100% success ABS printing without warping. Before this the ABS simply warps either in the early stage or in the middle of printing and because of this I have wasted my time, materials and money. Now I am very confident about my printing regardless print size and fill.

What you need: 1. Acetone (WARNING! ACETONE IS HIGHLY FLAMMABLE.) 2. Some ABS scrap 3. Brush 4. Glass container

Step 1: Mix the acetone and the ABS scrap inside the glass container (do not use plastic container) and stir until the ABS dissolve in the acetone until slightly thicken.

Step 2: Heat up your printing platform to about 80C. I usually put a rag on top to speed up the platform heating.

Last step. Just before your print starts, apply a thin layer of the mixture on to platform especially on the edges of your prints.

Note: 1. Keep the excess mixture in the container with a tight cover. Acetone vapour is dangerous! 2. For your next print, reapply another thin layer of the mixture on the platform if the previous applied coating is gone. You do not need to reapply on top of the previous coating. 3. For UP Plus printer, make sure your perforated board is clip on all sides so that the board is flat on the platform.

How it works! This method simply creates a small thin adhesive layer on the platform so that the bottom raft do not peel off from the platform. The heating of the platform is also important for two reason, to minimise the ABS warping; and to cure the mixture on the platform so that the thin layer becomes the sticky foundation base for the raft.

Other video: restoring ABS color https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2To3kHSaKA

Website: idealstuff.danielleow.com

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    It appeared to me that everything was in the video. After prepping the surface, begin the printing.