100+ Spooky-Cute Halloween Projects



Nowadays you can find Halloween decor almost everywhere starting in September. Most of the things you can find in craft stores are more on the adorable side in an effort to be more kid friendly and cater to those that want to join in the fun without being too creeped out. This has led to lots of amazing and adorable DIY projects as well!

With that in mind most of the costume ideas, decor, and food here are cute! Have fun making all the spooky treats, decor and more. :)

This is so creepily cute I want to add it to our witches' cauldron on the porch next year!
Add to your table or kitchen to add in a little extra magic :)
An adorable idea to turn heels into witchy candy holders!
I love Reeces and my husband loves Samoas, this would be perfect at our table. :)
This is a fun version of witches fingers that sound delicious!
This banner idea is so adorable :)
Add a little elegant spooky fun to the dinner table :)
These are almost too cute to eat :)
This is a great idea for a pumpkin you can keep for years!
This centerpiece adds some fun glittery glamour to the table or entryway :)
Customize these with the kids and make your own little monster cookies!
These are a little more creepy elegant, but I LOVE them!
This idea is so precious and would be adorable on anyones porch.
A family favorite for decades, this yard decor is so cute!
An easier way to decorate pumpkins is to paint them! I love this Frankenstein's monster. He looks annoyed, XD.
This is such an adorable kids' costume idea!
These are as cute as they are creepy :)
I love this movie! We'll definitely have to add these to our collection. :)
This great idea gives the spider web effect without the mess from cotton and glue.
This is an awesome glamorous idea to keep your drinks cold!
This would make a really neat candy bowl!
Kids would love getting goodies from this when trick or treating!
This idea to repurpose those little jack o lantern buckets is brilliant!
This is by far my favorite crashed witch project I've seen!
I don't know if I could have it on display. Even though it's adorable the anticipation may drive me crazy!
This is such an adorable and simple idea, it would make a great kids' craft. :)
Those little ghost feet are so spooky cute!
adorable candle monsters
This is an amazing way to reuse those old bottles! They look creepy and adorable :)
If you have branch decorations, use this to update them for a cute Halloween decor idea!
These add a fun spooky flair to a bookshelf or side table :)