$100 Cabin Made of Black Locust and Old Billboard





Introduction: $100 Cabin Made of Black Locust and Old Billboard

See an example of a cabin made from black locust wood and an old billboard that is around 300 sq. ft. and costs right around $100 to make. This cabin will be a great three season home or can be insulated later with straw bales to make a comfortable place to live.



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    Well about the straw bale bed, it will quickly mold and start to grow mushrooms unless you prevent them from getting wet.

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    The straw bales don't get wet because they are protected from the billboard. I figure if they get mice in them or have other issues then I get 8 bales of mulch for the gardens near by... Not a big deal!

    I think your doing a fine job. Keep up the good work. looking forward to the progress. be safe