10,000 Mah PowerBank Battery Fixed on Android Tablet!

Hello Friends..

My two years old daughter broke the charging port of the android tablet, So I wanted to charge it again and expand the capacity as well.. So I bought from Aliexpress a cheap powerbank for 2$ and 4X18650 2600mah Samsung batteries for 12$.. And I got a tablet with a huge battery lasts for days of heavy using!

You got a flash light and two charging ports with 4 LEDs as a battery status indicator..

Here is the video:

Step 1: How It's Done..

Solder two wires to the charging port terminals, drill a hole on the back cover of the tablet, pass the wires through it, solder the wires to the terminals of the output usb ( make sure of the polarity ), use M3 tape to hold the powerbank in the place..

Happy charging!



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