1000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter Using Pic Microconttoller


Introduction: 1000W Modified Sine Wave Inverter Using Pic Microconttoller

Here is a circuit diagram of 1000W modified sine wave inverter. This modified sine wave inverter is designed using PIC16F877A microcontroller. MOFET driver 1R2210 is used to driver low side MOSFETs connected to center tapped iron core transformer. This is a step up transformer which step up DC voltage from 12 volt dc to 220 volt AC. PIC16F877A microcontroller is used to provide PWM signals to IR2110 MOSFET driver IC. IR2110 can be used either as a low side MOSFET driver and high Side MOSFET driver. In this circuit IR2110 is used as a low side driver. Becuase both MOSFETS are used in low side settings. Push pull dc to dc converter topology is used in this project. Iron core transformer is used in this circuit diagram. Ferrite core transformer are also used now a days in inverters design. In above circuit diagram Two MOSFETS are used. Remember to use separate heat sinks for both MOSFETS. 1000 watt modified sine wave invertr can be used also in solar inverter application with proper using of solar charge controller. For complete working, circuit diagram and code.Modified sine wave inverter is also called cosi sqaure wave inverter. Because its output is closest tosine wave inverter



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    Thank you dears.

    Did you tried pulling 1000w out of this inverter? The low side current will be about 80+ amps. I don't think a pair of IR3205 can handle this high current

    can I compile this code and use it with a pic16f628a MCU