10W Flashlight

Introduction: 10W Flashlight

First timer here,

I guess this is just a demonstration of what I'm capable to do. The purpose is not for me to brag about it but to seek suggestion, guidance or constructive criticism.

I'm willing to do a step by step guide if anyone interested...

All is appreciated!

Flashlight Description:

  • It's 7 lbs. Probably heavy for some people.
  • It has 2 LED instead of one.
  • Runs on a 12V Lead-Acid batteries which is secure inside the case.
  • I wrapped the case with plastic sheet to prevent water from leaking inside.
  • You can hold it by the handle. Later on I added a strap so you can carry it by the shoulder.

Step 1: 10W LED Demonstration

I bought mine from eBay


First photo is the LED at 9w

Second photo is the LED at 12W

Step 2: More Demonstration...

The whole room is completely in darkness. This is just to show you how bright it is. It gets very hot too!

Step 3: Side View of the Flash Light...

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