10lb Spool Adapter for a MIG Welder




Introduction: 10lb Spool Adapter for a MIG Welder

I have a small 110v MIG welder and it didn't come with any adapters to hold a 10 lb spool. When I got the adapter put together and mounted the 10 lb spool, I realized why no adapters came with it. It was only designed to hold one and two pound spools and at the end of this instructable you'll see where I modified the machine.

This is a quick and dirty hack because I needed an adapter right away.

Step 1: The Spools

I bought the 10 lb which I wanted to mount but the centre hole was too big. I also had an empty two pound spool that I thought would work.

Step 2: Cut the Two Pound Spool

The two pound spool was cut in half. These halves are going to fit inside the 10 lb spool shaft. You will also notice long screws in the background. They'll be used to join the spools together by going through the small holes already in these halves.

Step 3: Attach Spools Together

The holes in the two pound spool are in a very good spot for using the screws as a support. Both halves of the two pound spool were screwed onto either side of the the ten pound spool. The screws were placed behind the supports in the direction of travel and hopefully the screws will use the supports as a brace as the spool turns so the adapter doesn't rip apart.

Step 4: Modified MIG Welder

The space inside the machine was too tight for a 10 lb spool so the spool spindle was moved towards the back about four inches and I cut an opening in the back of the welder. A cover will be going over the spool so that I don't accidentally electrocute myself.

I am happy to say the adapter and welder work fine!

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    4 Discussions


    4 weeks ago

    Great idea. I have a Lincoln and they make an adapter pretty cheap. I may have to go this route if the adapter doesn't show up in time.


    3 years ago

    I too had to create an adapter to install a 10 lb spool, a while back. I like your idea of using the old 2 bl spool as an adapter. Genius. I will definitely make this as soon as my current 10 lb spool is consumed! Thanks


    4 years ago

    Does the extra weight cause any feed issues?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Not so far. In fact the welder welds and feeds better than it did with a 2 lb spool. The welder is a cheap 110v and was about $199 a few years back. It is DC output though and I did replace the teflon liner with a steel one a while ago since I use mostly flux core and the liner had torn. One extra modification I had to make when moving the spool spindle back was to extend the bolt on the spool spindle because the adapter is too wide and the nuts wouldn't sit properly.