10min 5$ Iron Man Repulsor With LEDs

Introduction: 10min 5$ Iron Man Repulsor With LEDs

Simple and cheap, perfect for the last minute Halloween costume!

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Step 1: Tools and Material


- Sharp knife

- Hotglue gun plus ammo

- Soldering iron (twisting together the wire will work as well)

- Jig saw


- 1.5mm Plastic sheet 300x400mm (polystyrene or similar)

- Piece of plexi-glass, 5mm thick

- Watch battery plus holder (Li Ion 2032 will work great)

- Red and gold metallic spray paint

- Red/Black wire 10 cm aka 4 inches

- Wonderglue

- 2 bright blue LEDs

- (optional) Velcro straps OR a magnet plus a piece of steel to make it close

Step 2: The Steps

0. Print the template, check size, the tongues on the left and right side of the first base-template should

overlap, then its perfect. Open in paint, decrease size by the needed percantage and you are set.

1. Print them all out, make sure you have decreased size of all of them or it will look funny, transfer onto

plastic and cut it out.

2. Bend the largest piece over the edge of a table until the sides overlap and fit each other...spooningly :p

Make sure that the palm section remains unbent! As straight as possible.

3. Cut the second piece apart, along the thinner lines...including the hole.

4. Glue the 3 pieces onto the base-piece, around the hole, make sure you leave 1mm gaps. Will fit better, since the cutting did cost us a bit of material and look better too.

5. Tape off the areas for glue. Spot for the battery holder, the plexi plate, velcro and the shield on top!

6. Paint the base metallic red, the shield golden. While paint is drying ==>

7. Cut out a circle of plexiglass, 3mm wider than the hole of the base-piece/template.

8. When the paint is dry, peel of the tape, glue on the shield and the plexi plate.

9. Solder together the 2 LEDs, long pins together and short pins together, insulate with hot-glue, make sure they cant touch each other, attach wire and hot glue again where the wire was attached.

10. Solder on the cell holder and glue the LEDs next to the plexi, make sure they light it up good. Then run the wire up, and glue the cell holder wherever it fits best (for you).

Insert battery, first light aaand DONE.

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