10th Gen Honda Civic Switchback Eyelid LED DRL Installation

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Let's learn how to install the 10th generation 2016-up Honda Civic switchback LED eyelid daytime running lamps with sequential turn signal lights. With this new mod, your Civic not only gains extra signaling utility, replacing a lightless eyelid set, but also a sleeker appearance that will make it an object of envy to other Civic drivers. Your Honda Civic headlights will be dressed with the ultimate suite of LED lighting, adding daytime running lights, optional driving lights, and sequential turn signal flashing!

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Step 1: Open Your Honda Civic's Hood.

Take out the tab holding the front plastic engine cover and eyelid covers using a plastic pry tool.

Step 2: Push Down on the Release Tab Securing Your Eyelid.

You can use a screwdriver or a similar tool to release the eyelids.

Step 3: Replace Your Stock Eyelids With the Switchback LED Eyelid Daytime Running Lights.

Step 4: Wire the Honda Civic Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Lights.

  • Black wire to a ground connection (-)
  • Red wire to your ACC 12V+
  • Yellow wires to corresponding turn signals (+)
  • Optional: white wire to headlight (+) or side marker harness

Step 5: Final Steps

Test your Honda LED eyelid lights to make sure they function properly.

Once you've confirmed that, reapply your eyelid covers and plastic engine cover to finish.

You may now enjoy the sleek and edgy new look of your 10th generation Honda Civic!

Find this and more OEM fit LED daytime running lights at store.idjmtoy.com today!

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    Question 3 months ago on Step 4

    Can I tab the red wire to the positive wire of the side marker?

    jan jans 01

    Question 9 months ago

    kan ik meer uitleg krijgen voor de aansluiting van de bekabeling en stekker.
    voor aansluiting van Knink LED Koplamp Wenkbrauw Water Stroomt Dagrijverlichting DRL Met Gele Richtingaanwijzer en blauw Voor Honda Civic 2016 2017Mvg Jan