1/100 Zakucannon Ms-06k Airbrushed + Camoflouged and Modified (slightly)

About: Well I'm the kinda guy that doesnt bother with About Me's but if I must: -I do alot of model building and airbrushing -I try to make/do anything i think is cool -I'm currently in Grade 9

if u want more comment for an instructable. if u have a question comment. on the sheild the three spikes are modified ( they are not supposed to be there) the "nails" on the sheild are modified too.
ask away.



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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    i had an idea for soem custom paint for the wing gundams but by the time i had the idea the kits were scarce and pricey and after my endless waltz wing zero got broken >:( i just kinda got turned off by the whole thing


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    1 year later response =) how did it break??? JUst finished a model today will be posting tommorrow mail me for and questions its a : B-ATM-03 fatty ground custom