1:12 Scale Birdbath With Polymer Clay

Introduction: 1:12 Scale Birdbath With Polymer Clay

A tiny house, a beautiful garden seems quite incomplete without a birdbath.

I have been making miniatures to scale using different materials, and this was perfect opportunity to create a tiny birdbath to scale for our dolls garden.

Step 1:

Tools and materials:

clay- white or ivory

rolling log

sculpting tools

a sharp knife

a small concave -like a Contact lens case.

a cylindrical object like a small pencil cut straight at one end- polymer clay is very expensive and i try to save as much I can using fillers

pastel chalks(I used eyeshadow instead...hee hee)

Step 2:

take a small ball of clay roll it out with he rolling log into a thick sheet. Poke out a small circle with a circular form(any bottle lid in that dimension)

Step 3:

with a blunt object make impressions along the circumference of this circle.

deepen the center of the circle slightly.

Step 4: Making the Pillar

take some clay and wrap it around the small pencil. Roll the pencil on the table to smoothen out the clay pillar. Straighten out the edges and attach the pillar(vertically) into the circular impression made in the base piece.

Taking a small piece of clay roll it out evenly into a long snake.

Encircle the snake at the attachment site of the pillar to the base to seal any uneven gaps there. Press it in with a tool to make a design.

Step 5: Making the Bath

Roll prick out another circle. Attach it evenly on the convex side of the lens case. Roll out a very very thin snake and line the edge of the bowl. Poke it regularly with a blunt too to secure it and give it a classic design.

Step 6: Mounting the Bowl

Roll out a thick snake. Line the upper end of the pillar with this snake. Make impressions into it to give an antique touch.

Mount the bowl onto the upper end. Secure it there with glue.

Step 7: Decorating the Birdbath

Decoration is a pretty way of hiding all faults!!!

roll out an extremely thin snake, as thin as you can get.

Apply glue, stick the snake spirally to the pillar.

Then I made tiny leaves and stuck them periodically on the stem.

Step 8: Finally Finally.......

the bird bath is actually ready to use...however it looks very new and unused.

I pulled out some eyeshadow- an olive green color , brushed it briskly all over the relief to deepen the features.

This kind of gives it a mossy, used kind of look.

Bake the sculpture at 110C for 15min.

Step 9: Using It!

What use is a tny birdbath without any tiny birds. I made a tiny sparrow to enjoy a good bath.

I will not add the sparrow making instructions here or else it will be a never ending story(just putting up some pictures.)

I wish to attract a lot of birds with this tiny bird bath!

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