12-Bottle K'nex Wine Rack



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Commercial wine racks can be outrageously expensive. For more fun, I put together a wine rack entirely of K'nex. It's not Thom Seaman, but it served me until I could build a wooden one.

This rack holds nine bottles horizontally and displays three on top.

Step 1: Internal Bottle Holders

These pieces will hold the middle six wine bottles (the top two rows of horizontal bottles).  You'll need six of them.

Step 2: Vertical Supports

There are four vertical supports: two outer ones and two inner ones. The outer supports use purple corner pieces and have lots of black (white-length) rods for connecting to the top; the inner supports use purple and blue T pieces and have only four white rods. Otherwise, they are the same.

Step 3: The Body

Combine steps 1 and 2 into the body of the wine rack. After this step, we are missing the stand (which has space for three more bottles), the top, and the display rack (which also holds three bottles).

Step 4: Stand Sides

The stand consists of two pieces: sides and centers. There are two sides, and one four-piece center. This step builds the sides.

Step 5: Stand Centers

I told you there would be centers. These pieces bear large chunks of the weight of the rack. I promise they'll support all twelve bottles.

Step 6: The Stand

Left outside center, left inside center, right inside center, right outside center, front and back... the stand is complete. Put it together and admire your work so far.

Step 7: The Top

The top is mostly just pretty. Do whatever you want with the patterns. I added the red corners to give a touch of color to the otherwise dark wine rack so far. However, the top does hold the body together somewhat, so make sure you leave connections in the right places.

Step 8: The Base

We have finished! Mostly! Kind of! Well, no, mostly. We have an extremely sturdy wine rack that will hold nine bottles without dropping them, falling over, or getting into fights with the Roomba.

Step 9: Display Stands

So we have a nice wine rack that holds nine bottles. But a case has twelve bottles, so let's add some more capacity. And let's put them on top so we can show off.

Step 10: The Wine Rack

We're done! Just put your display stand on top of your nine-bottle rack and you can easily store a full case of wine.

Step 11: Going to 11

The wine rack as-is will hold twelve bottles. But if you want to secure the displayed bottles slightly more, and worry less about them falling, add these pieces to the top front and drink in peace. Enjoy!



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