1/2 Inch Canister Shell




Introduction: 1/2 Inch Canister Shell

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Step 1: What You Need

Some black powder, glue stick, poster board, aluminum tape, fuse, 1/2 inch PVC (with end cap

Step 2: The Shell

Roll the poaster board so that is fits inside the 1/2 inch PVC, then tape it then put a cap on the bottom of the tube and tape it. Then punch a hole in the middle of the cap just big enough for the fuse. Then insert the fuse and fill the tube with flash powder or black powder, and glue another cap on and tape it.

Step 3: The Mortar

Cut a piece of PVC about as long as the glue stick then drill a hole at the very bottom for the fuse and cut the end cap so the fuse can attach to the pipe

Step 4: Loading

Place the fuse through the hole in the PVC and ouch the shell into the tube and fill the bottom with black powder then put wadding in the bottom and put the ends cap on and your done
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