12 V Battery Level Indicator

This circuit is a very simple one to make its cheap and does not require any IC s. this circuit can be used for checking the charge level status of the battery

Step 1: Parts List

2 x Red LED

2 x Yellow LED

2 x Green LED

1 x 680 ohm Resister

1 x 220 ohm Resister

1 x150 ohm Resister

1 x 56 ohm Resister

1 x 10 ohm Resister

1 x Zener diode (9 v) cZD 5

1 x Zener diode (10 v) ZD 4

1 x Zener diode (11 v) ZD 3

1 x Zener diode (12 v) ZD 2

1 x Zener diode (13 v) ZD 1

Step 2:

Assemble the circuit according to the circuit diagram

Step 3: Conclusion

i used in in my 12v inverter to monitor my inverter battery. Hope u like my circuit, and become purposeful for you :)



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    Question 8 months ago on Step 3

    How can i download pdf of battery level indicator?