12 Volt Dc Motor Speed Controller




Hello friends, I hope you all will be fine. Today I share with you a motor control circuit new small project. I discuss with you a new idea of DC motor speed control. In previous post we discuss about stepper motor control using Microcontroller and Keypad.

Construction of Induction Motor

Step 1: Component List

Component List(motor control circuit):

Power Supply 12v

DC Regulator 7812

555 IC

IN4001/4007 Diode

Variable Resistor 50K

Capacitor 0.1uf/104pf

Capacitor 0.01uf/103pf

Resistor 33ohm

FET 75NF75

DC motor 12v Power LED

Bread Board / Vero Board Jumper wire

full details and video visit website


Step 2: Circuit Diagram

motor control circuit Diagram is an important part of any circuit. We

mention the entire circuit diagram in below figure. According to circuit diagram we make hardware on project board or vero board.

full details and video visit website

electrical engineering projects


Step 3: Component Adding

Step 4: Video

full details and video visit website

check my new video

dc motor speed controller video



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    2 Discussions

    R A Shah

    1 year ago

    Nice and simple project. Only missing point is the name of the device attached between out put of 555 and the FET. It seems to be an Opto isolator IC.

    1 reply