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I made this design after I built the 7 shot pistol by oodalumps. it fires 30+ feet with a few rubberbands. it fires 12 blue rods, one each time you pull back the firing pin and pull the trigger.it's my first instructable, so please be nice.

Parts list.
9 red/green
4 yellow
2 blue
1 white
4 black/green

4 white
8 yellow
18 green
5 red/black
10 orange/black
16 grey (one joint)

14 Y shaped pieces
1 ball joint
7 blue washers
3 grey washers (or 9 washers)
duct tape
blu tac
atleast 2 rubber bands

ps, sorry about the dodgy pictures

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Step 1: Handle

make the handle

Step 2: Barrel and Trigger

construct the barrel

Step 3: Barrel End

construct these parts

Step 4: Hopper Cover, Firing Pin and Decoration

build all these parts and add duct tape to the firing pin to stop it snapping off

Step 5: Hopper

construct the hopper. this is probably the hardest step due to the amount of conectors on the rods.

Step 6: Begin Putting It All Together

place the ram into the barrel and attach the tan lock pin.

picture 2: push the red/black connectors together.

Step 7: Attach More Parts

attatch these parts to the back of the hopper

Step 8: Barrel Attachment

assemble the end of the barrel and attach onto the trigger section

Step 9: Barrel

fill in the barrel with these pieces

Step 10: Handle and Hopper

attach the handle then the hopper

Step 11: Hopper Cover

put the hopper cover ontop

Step 12: Rubber Bands

add trigger rubberbands and other rubberbands

Step 13: Loading

snap of the hopper cover and load in 12 blue rods, re attach the cover and pull back the firing pin. pull the trigger to fire.

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