12 Volt RV Accent Lamp

Intro: 12 Volt RV Accent Lamp

This lamp is simply made from a liquid soap pump dispenser , the pump end broke so i used the base for a lamp in my rv . The special thing about this , is it has magnets dropped inside so it will stay in place and i can have it on while the camper is in motion just to show off the interior . You may be asking yourself how does it stay put ? Well when i was restoring the trailer i decided i wanted to show  off my handy work while driving at night so i routed out a recess in the plywood top to accept 1/8" steel plate and screwed it down and countersunk the screw heads so the laminate sits flush . Believe me , it really works well ! This is the only picture that i can find at the moment  .  Sorry , i can't find the picture with the light turned on .



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