12 Volt Led Light

Introduction: 12 Volt Led Light

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I needed a light that I could run of my 12 volt battery system. I decided to make this led light out of an old case I had laying around. I cut holes in the top for the leds. I used 12 which is pretty bright. I have a resistor in series with the leds. I have one resistor for every 3 leds. I also added a switch for turning on and off. I connected banana plug adapters to the positive and negative outputs.

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies


wire strippers


solder iron

bench power supply

electrical tape







Step 2: Making

The case has four screws that I unscrewed I used a cordless drill and a drill bit the size of the leds. I used 12 leds so i cut out twelve holes 3 in each row spread evenly. then i soldered a 120 ohm resistor in series with three leds. I did this for each row. Then i connected all the negitive end together and the positive ends together. I covered all the wires with electrical tape to keep the leds from touching each other.

Step 3: Finishing

make sure to test your leds before gluing them into position. I had a bench power supply to test the leds to make sure they lit up before gluing.

circuit to come:

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