12.5m Kite V2.0




Introduction: 12.5m Kite V2.0

From lessons learnt on 12.5 v1 comes this one with batten tips. Don't know yet which is better.

Grab the files from here, then check out the Kite Sewing Tutorial for the build how-to.

Step 1: Build It.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, I really want to build this thing. I just got into kiteboarding and was wondering if there was a site that showed you how to make your own. My mom has the best sewing machines they make and I actually know how to sew quite well. But what kind of files are these?! I can only open the pdf. Fileextention.com said one could be a autocad and gave me a website for a desktop autocad so you could look at the cad files but they wont even open it. Please for the love of Pete let me know what kind of files these are.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    eps is an encapsulated postscript file, used by printers and graphic designers - you can open it with adobe illustrator, and maybe inkscape. the dxfs are autoCAD files. no idea what the others are, but I'd imagine that they are patterns used from computerised sewing...