120v Lights to Music

Introduction: 120v Lights to Music

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If you want to make 120v lights flash to music this is for you.

Step 1: Parts

you will need a
:120v wall outlet box
:speaker wire
:120v wall plug with switch
:120v wall outlet
:3-32v dc control solid state relay

Step 2: The Relay

The way the relay works is it uses low voltage (3v-32v in are case),and turns on and off higher voltage (120v in are case).It needs to be wired up + from the wall to pin 1 on the relay, neutral from the wall to neutral on the outlet in the box, + from the outlet in the box to pin 2, + form stereo to pin 3, and - from stereo to pin 4. Take a look at the diagram and the picture of the relay to visualize it.Then glue in the relay to the box.

Step 3: Attach the Wires.

Drill a hole for the speaker wires, and the tie a knot so there don't come out. Put your 120volt power wires through the adapter, than soider plugs on the ends of the wires that need to plug into the relay (not the wires that need to screw onto the power outlet.Then plug in the wires to the relay.

Step 4: Outlet

The screws on the left side or the big side of the outlet are neutral, and the screws on the left or the smaller side are positive.Screw your wires on.

Step 5: Screw Down Your Outlet to the Box.

Step 6: DONE !

Screw on your cover and you are done. Sure no video but it works great.If you liked this project you can vote for it in the (make it glow) contest, and if you would like to see more projects by me you can follow me.Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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    Reply 1 year ago

    no, the relay is DC, but it is not controlled by the AC, it is only controlled by the dc from the stereo.