123D Autodesk Glass Flower Table and Wine Set W/ Chairs

Introduction: 123D Autodesk Glass Flower Table and Wine Set W/ Chairs

This a simple to make table and wine set in 123D Autodesk.

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Step 1: The Table

Let's start with the backbone of this whole project, the central Table. To get the curvy foot effect seen in the picture, you have to create a circle sketch, copy and past it for however many times the height of the foot increases. For example, since my Foot had a change in direction and altitude 16 times, I made one circle sketch, copy and pasted it multiple times and increased it by the required height every time. When all the circles are in place adjust each one accordingly to the size shift you want it at. After that loft from one sketch to another, until all of them are connected. Select all the edges in the sketch and fillet it for a smooth effect. Now just make a super wide and thin cylinder for the top of the table. Align it with the foot and merge them together. You can get rid of the sketches, and change the material to a brown colored wood.

Step 2: Glass Flower Design

For the second step and one big eye catcher in this project, the glass flower in the table. You'll want to start by making a circle sketch in the middle of the table, right on top of it. After wards, with the spline sketch tool, add one petal anywhere on the edge of circle sketch. Then select the petal and under it's options choose circular pattern, make sure the chosen sketch is the petal and the axis is your circle. Then duplicate the petal around the circle as many times as you want to. Now you should have a flower sketch over the center of your table. Extrude the sketch downwards into the table just enough so that it doesn't fully go through the main cylinder, which should leave you with a hollow flower shape. Now extrude the sketch downwards into the table again at the same distance, and this time since the space is hollow it should create another entity entirely. Change the material of the flower shape into glass and change it's color to whatever you desire, I found green, red or blue worked best with wooden colors. You can get rid of the flower sketch now that you have finished. IMPORTANT- Make sure to never merge the flower entity with the table, because it will not allow you to have 2 different materials and colors for one entity.

Step 3: Wine and Glasses

This is a really easy step, you'll want to use wine bottles and glasses for reference, however. Using the polyline and spline tool, create half a bottle of wine, however be sure to not complete it. Then make a straight polyline from the top of the bottle to the bottom. Now using the revolve tool, select your complete 2D sketch and make sure it is set to profile. As axis you use the line you drew from top to bottom. Rotate the bottle 360 degrees and you have your bottle created. Do the same for the wine glasses, make sure you only sketch half. Now in the material tab, make your wine bottle a wine like red color and set its material to frosted glass. For the wine glass, make it fully white and set its material to clear glass.

Step 4: Chairs

This step is probably the easiest. Make a base sketch using polyline, then with spline make a swerve like line and finish it off with going up for the backrest. Do this once again, however making sure to make the sketch look like a thick curved line. At the top finish with a polyline at a slightly downwards angle. Now just extrude the sketch and change its material color to gray.

Step 5: Alignment

This is the final step, and at this point you've finished creating everything. Make everything stand upright, and using the align tool, make sure he wine glass is in he center of the table. Then, elevate it so it is on the center at the top of the table. from here, move it a bit outward. Now using the circle pattern tool, set the axis as the circle edge of the table and the solid as the wine glass. Make however many glasses you want, but make sure you have the same number of glasses and chairs. Now do the same for the wine bottle, but don't use any pattern on it, just leave it a bit away from the center. Finally, for the chairs make one sitting distance away from the table, and use the circular pattern on that, with the table as the axis and the chair as the solid. That's it! Your table, chair and wine set is finished and ready to print.

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    3 years ago

    Neat designs! :)