123D Bicycle Lock.

Hello, today I will show you how to make a 123D bike lock in the 123D Autodesk platform.
This bike lock is stationary and fits perfectly into the hub of the bike wheel.

Step 1:

In this step you will make a cylinder or a base for the lock.

Step 2: Putting a Hole in It.

In this step we place a hole into the middle of the base for the consumer to be able to place it into the wheel hub.

Step 3: Halving & Duplicating

In this step the base shall be halved so it will fit around the hub.
This was a difficult step. You can do this by placing a square on any half of the base and then extruding it.
Then we will duplicate it.

Step 4: Adding Snaps

"Snaps" They are the parts on a toy that make you unable to take it apart. They are shaped like triangles with one side indented a bit.
These are very badly made and don't have a because it didn't let me make them but I hope that you have enough imagination to understand me.

Step 5: The Pop Up Barricades

In this step we will build the part that locks the bike: The barricade. This will prevent anyone from taking your bike on a joyride.

Step 6: Paint It Green to Fit Right In.

We will now paint the lock green so that it can be seen from a distance and visible to the robber so he gives up before trying. 
I also added a key for better explanation later. And there is a key hole

Step 7: Internals + Explanation.

Just so everyone knows I really suck at this program so I didn't make all of the parts signally and just made the whole product for example the barricades are made separately so they actually move. The internals were quite complicated to redesign and badly visible for you thanks to my skills. So to come to the point when the key goes in the barricades pop up and block the bike, if you put the key back in you must push the barricades back in. Here is a picture of the internals. For more details contact me in the comments.



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great innovative idea. All the other ideas in the competition either don't work or are not innovative as they should be.
    Thats a vote from me

    1 reply

    Oh jeez I didn't even realize he was responding to his own comment haha. Either way I agree with his original comment!