123D Design Table

This is a table with chairs, glasses, and a wine bottle made in 123D Design.

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Step 1: The Table

The first thing I created was the table. I started with its legs. I sketched out an interesting leg shape with the spline tool then I sweeped a pentagon over it to create a leg. Then I put a small cylinder next to it then made a circular pattern around it with seven legs. I floated the cylinder up a bit to give it a cool twist. I put a hemisphere with a torus at the top of the legs to connect them. I sketched some circles over it to create a tabletop shape then I lofted them. After that I extruded the tabletop a bit to thicken it out. Finally, I sketched a star with the polyline tool and extruded it down in to the table to give it the star shape.

Step 2: Glass

I sketched several circles into the shape of a wine glass. I selected them all and lofted it to make the glass. Then I took a small hemisphere and put it into the glass. I made it make a circular pattern around the glass. The final step is to merge it all together.

Step 3: Wine Bottle

To make the wine bottle all you have to do is sketch out circles like you did for step 2. Except this time you're going to put them in the shape of a wine bottle. Then, you loft it together and you're done.

Step 4: Table With Glasses

For this step all you have to do is put everything together. First you need to hover the wine glass onto the tabletop. Then, you put the wine glass next to it. Copy and paste the glass until you have three of them. Space the wine glasses around the table for the people to drink.

Step 5: Chair

To make the legs of the chair, you need to do almost the same thing you did for the table legs. You make an interesting leg shape using the spline and polyline then you sweep a circle over it. After that, you make a circular pattern with it using five legs. Then, you hover a flat cylinder over it to make the part where you sit. Then, you merge it together and you're done.

Step 6: Final Product

Then, you put the chair near the table. Next, you have to make it do a circular pattern around the table with three chairs. Arrange the glasses so that they're in front of the chairs. Finally, change the materials and colors however you want.

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