123D Design Table

This is a table I made in 123D design. It is old fashioned and vintage. It's one of those tables you would see in the 18th century. It is made by wood, flowers decorating the sides, four chairs, a wine bottle and a bowl. These instruction will teach you how to make this design.

Step 1: The Table Top

First you choose a primitive cube. The dimensions are 60x60x8

Move the table upwards, and then filet the corners of the cube.

Then turn the material into varnished wood. Turn it into a light colored wood.

Step 2: The Decorative Flowers

Take a cylinder with a radius of 3 and the height of 1

Fillet the top of the cylinder

Then, with the polyline, create a petal like form. Try to create the petal as close to the cylinder as possible

Using the circular pattern, make the petal like form go around the bottom of the cylinder. Add as many petals as you want.

Extrude all the petals to a height of 2

Now merge the everything together.

Copy paste the flower and decorate the sides of the table top with them.

Make material wood

Step 3: The Table Legs

Take a primitive cube with the dimensions of 5x5x. Fillet the sides of the cube.

Create a cylinder with a radius 2 and a height of 1.5. Put the cylinder on to of the cube and merge the two together.

Make a prism with the radius of 2 and the height of 15, filet the top, and stack it upon the other shapes. Then merge them together.

Then create a sphere with a radius of 2, stack it on top of the shapes and merge them.

Copy paste the leg 4 times and put them at each corner of the table top. Lower the table top if needed to make the legs reach the table top. Now merge the table top and all 4 legs.

Make material wood

Step 4: Chairs

Copy paste one table leg. Scale it down (make it a bit smaller).

Copy paste the smaller leg 3 times. Make them parallel to each other, in a square formation.

Make a 2D square at the bottom of the 4 chair legs. Lift it up to the height of the chair legs. Extrude it (make the 2D square 3D), but don't make it too thick. Fillet the sides of the chair base.

Copy paste the square base and tun it vertically, make it align the chair base.

Now merge everything together.

Copy paste the chair 3 times, and tuck them in on each side of the table.

Make material wood

Step 5: The Wine Bottle

Take a cylinder with a radius of 2 and a height of 6

Make a hemisphere with a radius of 2. Put it on top of the cylinder. Merge them together

Take another cylinder with a radius of 1 and put in top of the shapes. Merge them together.

Shell the top of the wine bottle.

Turn the material to unclear green glass.

Step 6: The Bowl

Take a hemisphere with a radius of 4. Shell it. Make the material fiber.



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    2 years ago

    Nice work :)